Zafri Pan Masala is a balanced mixture of betel leaf with lime, areca nut, clove, cardamom, mint, essence and other ingredients. It is an agricultural product with herbal properties. Zafri Pan Masala acts as a mouth freshener and unlike other Western synthetic pan masala made with chemical and petroleum ingredients, the Indian pan masala is safe.



Cardamom is an essential element of Zafri Pan Masala. The queen of all spices provides exotic aroma and unique flavour to the product. Cardamoms of finest quality are brought from Kerala which offer the freshness to the product and make the taste of Zafri Pan Masala an extraordinary experience.



Saffron, often called as 'Kesar' in Hindi, is a popular spice and an expensive one too. Its taste makes it great for usage in Zafri Pan Masala. Saffron's unique colour, flavour, and other properties give it medicinal characteristics that make it renowned all over the world.



Catechu is one of the essential ingredients of Zafri Pan Masala. Catechu zafri brings the colour to the Pan Masala, but also enhances its taste and the overall experience for the Pan Masala lover. Zafri brings the premium quality Catechu from fully matured plants nurturing in the land of Himalayas to offer you the finest taste.



Betel nut is another element of Zafri Pan Masala, the reason why Zafri Pan Masala picks the finest of all betel nuts from Assam. Every betel nut fruit is picked by using the latest technology cutter and is carefully examined so that the freshness of betel nut reaches every Pan Masala lover.



Zafri Pan Masala's taste and unique aroma goes hand in hand. Extracted in a controlled environment anyone who chews zafri Pan Masala not just savours the taste himself but also makes the ambience vibrant and aromatic. Zafri Pan Masala is the perfect amalgamation of the finest quality fragrances that come naturally to us. Zafri secure the Sandalwood oil from Kerala, Kewda and Khus from the heart of India, Kesar from Kashmir and premium roses of Iranian Breed. Only then, Zafri Pan Masala rules heart and mind of Pan Masala lovers and becomes the preferred choice.