Zafri Pan Masala, benchmarked as one of the finest in the industry, reaches the length and breadth of India and overseas. Our handpicked ingredients, cutting-edge technology, excellent work practices, efficient supply-chain and distribution network have attributed immensely towards this height.


GK Tobacco Industries is one of the market leaders in Pan Masala segment in India.

We cherish this leadership position in every segment of the market because of our invaluable brands. Our popular portfolio of brands includes Taj Mahal, Gitanjali, 2100 and Zafri. Incepted in 1980, the journey from Dinesh Industries to GK Tobacco Industries has been a saga of meeting people's expectations.
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Zafri Pan Masala believes that the people deserve a better lifestyle, a better taste of life.

And to possible it, the only way is to establish our product as a global brand. Our confidence is, consistent deliverance of unparallel quality product, will lead us to this height. Through supreme hygiene standards, excellent packaging, natural and carefully handpicked ingredients we are sure to change...
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Zafri Pan Masala not only ensures that customers get the most authentic product but we also

Attribute our share in social welfare activities. Taking the responsibility of Ajneshwar Ashram Gaushala is one of the most touching experiences of Zafri. Considering the importance of animal husbandry in providing a livelihood to the poor; it gives us immense satisfaction to help the under privileged. As one...
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"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best," Oscar Wilde may have stated his opinion but on the process how well he has described the consumer behavior. We at Zafri Pan Masala live up to the consumer expectations while delivering contemporary offers to the constantly evolving consumer. In Zafri, with its truism of 'Apke Swaad Se Waakif Hain Hum, 'we have developed a product that gives identity to the consumer, making him/her identical. The exceptional taste and aroma let the consumers experience the scoop of refreshing, non nicotine, tobacco free Zafri Pan Masala.

Through Zafri, we also try to bring the world under one umbrella. To amalgamate the culture of the West with India and Asia our product lives up to the international standards of safety and hygiene.

Zafri Pan Masala comes in sachets and in different sizes. You can savour the tobacco-free product and relish the freshness!

Mr. Gopi Kishan Malani
MD - GK Tobacco Industries